Founded by Fiona Hewitt, the foundation aims to unify West Indian heritages throughout the UK and the broader diaspora. The pageant has now opened its doors to the 2nd edition of the prestigious Mr & Miss West Indies Pageant after a successful debut in 2016, which resulted in a B.E.F.F.T.A. “Best Pageant” award.







The Mr & Miss West Indies competition is a pageant with a purpose. It aims to showcase the best of West Indian heritage, culture and talent through each contestant. It simultaneously provides an opportunity for all young men and women with the common background of a West Indian heritage to collaborate in a healthy competitive environment, in order to build and reinforce relationships with others who are working diligently to make a positive and productive mark on their communities.





As our contestants embark on their journey, they will share the experience of community volunteer projects, ideas and objectives with each other in a spirit of fraternity within the West Indies Pageants Family. This teamwork and camaraderie builds strength of character and plants the seeds of altruism which will spread first throughout their local communities, then ultimately extend across the West Indian homelands. As each delegate shares and executes ideas on how he or she can better serve the community, they will each seed the foundations of charity, edification and humanity which will be reflected in the enrichment of the lives of all whose paths cross theirs, through-out life.





While there can only be one Mr. and one Miss West Indies UK, each representative, will continue to carry the national title for an entire year following the contest - a year destined to be one of the most exciting times of his or her life.